paradise park

The Charleston Light Opera Guild will present Paradise Park The Musical at the Charleston Light Opera Guild Theatre during FestivALL's sixteenth year on June 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 at 8:00pm with matinees on June 14 and 28 at 3:00pm.

Paradise Park The Musical is based on the cult classic film of the same name by acclaimed West Virginia filmmaker and film director Daniel Boyd. The musical has been adapted for the stage by Boyd and Mountain Stage's own Larry Groce who has written a new and extensive score.

The story contains themes familiar to citizens of West Virginia: poverty, religion, hopes and dreams and centers on people caring for other people through hard times, through natural disasters and through everyday life. The musical tells the story of an elderly woman in a West Virginia trailer-park who dreams that God will come to their community and grant them all a wish.

Theatre West Virginia premiered the musical in 2018 at Grandview State Park's Cliffside Ampitheatre. They repeated it in 2019.


Singing/Reading (ADULTS): Thursday, April 2 at 7:00pm (prepare selection; bring copy for accompanist; scripts provided)

Singing/Reading (CHILDREN): Saturday, April 4 at 11:00am (prepare selection; bring copy for accompanist; scripts provided)

Dancing: Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00pm (ages 16-adult; dress to dance; combinations will be taught)

*All auditions held at the Guild Theatre*



Nina Denton Pasinetti

Musical Director/Conductor

Bobby Hodges, Jr.


David Patrick


Marlon - late 20s-mid 30s; educated, but unpretentious; unofficial leader of the park; love interest to Libby and later Caroline; strong actor/singer (movement skills a benefit)

Casey - 16 year old high school dropout; jaded; the show's storyteller; can be male or female

Nada - elderly female; eccentric; has a heart of gold

Libby - late 20s; mother of Belle and Frankie; love interest of Marlon until the return of her estranged and ne'er-do well husband, Kendall; singer with movement or dance skills

Caroline - late 20s-mid 30s; African-American unexpected love of Marlon; singer who moves well

Clifford - mid 20s-late 30s; irreverent; gear monkey; love interest of Ramona; strong singer

Ramona - Clifford's live-in and equally wild mate, sexy; singer with movement skills

Skipper - aged 10-early teens; sweet, autistic boy; son of Evelyn

Evelyn - late 20s-30s; mother of Skipper; never over the abandonment of her husband, Harley; lives in self-exile behind her trailer park door

Man Will Work - ageless; single thread of pride broken man

Man Will Work Son - aged 10-early teens

Avis - African-American; uses his misguided faith to fuel his personal anger; strong singer

Belle - aged 5-7 years old (can be played by small 7-9 year old); youngest daughter of Libby; sings

Frankie - aged 6-8 years old (can be played by small 7-9 year old); oldest daughter of Libby; sings

Earl - older retired miner

Shorty - large out of work miner; best friend of Earl

Joyce - older lady resident; de facto leader of older gals in park; headlines one of the songs

Governor Harless - 50s-70s; country flamboyant politician

Governor Aide - 20s-30s; politico Governor's carny pitch man

Madame Alice C. Duverack - over-the-top, slick, but sensual huckster; Queen Latifah type with the looks and panache; strong show-stopping singer

Rawhide - Joyce's husband, recently out of jail; embittered; constantly cleans his rifle on trailer porch

Caroline's Ex Jerk Boyfriend - relevant age to Caroline

Kendall - late 20s-early 30s; Libby's ne'er-do well returned husband; irresponsible, misguided dreamer

Wesley - late 20s; Nada's grandson; believes that he is driven by concern for his elderly Grandmother, but he is really fueled by his guilt for betraying his past; doesn't live at the trailer park

Marsha - Wesley's wife

Wesley Jr. - young son of Wesley and his wife

Deputy Johnnie Morton - park antagonist; bad dude, but with reason for his "badness"

Alice C. Harley - Evelyn's abandoned husband; Skipper's father; road-worn

Paul - Lonely Hearts Bar proprietor/bartender

Additional cast - portray elitist snobs, deputy 2 and park residents; singers

Dancers - singing an asset; male and female dancers

*There will be some cast members who will play multiple roles*